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ACCCOLPH Incorporated is located in Jacksonville, Florida is held strictly by veterans. This means that we are intimately aware of the vast skills and training that veterans have amassed through their military experience as well as the skills that have likely not been well developed during veterans’ military careers. Having experience in the military and in the civilian workforce has given founder and disabled veteran along with the entire team of ACCCOLPH Incorporated the knowledge and skills necessary to help other veterans navigate their way through their post-military lives with success.


Our ACCCOLPH Leadership Academy Foundation (ALA) is vital to bridging the gap in implementing innovative models for serving veterans during reintegration into the civilian sector. This academy was born by a belief in the old proverb that if you give a person a fish, he or she will eat for a day, but if you teach him or her to fish, he or she can eat for a lifetime. We want to give our fellow veterans the tools to prosper throughout their lifetimes while benefiting the businesses they join or create. To do this, we provide courses that will enhance their reintegration, life, and employment skill levels through continuous learning.


ACCCOLPH Leadership Academy Foundation (ALA)

Why Veterans Need It


The military operates under very clear, unequivocal terms and processes. Military culture thrives on regulation checklists, standard operating procedures, directives, instructions – we could go on and on. In addition, the military functions in a top-down manner in which soldiers take orders and do not need to prove their superior performance before being placed in a job. This has immense value in the military, allowing large groups of people to operate in sync with minimal errors.


However, in the civilian sector, there is an enormous, intangible gray area of ideas and behaviors in which these rule-bound processes and methods are not always well suited. Businesses typically focus on budget profits, losses, and overall on money. Depending on how the business is doing financially, procedures and relationships within companies can change with little or no warning. In such a competitive environment, it is necessary for the employee to prove his or her value to the business from the initial interview and throughout their career. This is the exact opposite of the military, which causes many issues during a veteran’s reintegration process.


Each course is designed to target veterans facing particular barriers or pitfalls that have thus far hindered an effective reentry into the civilian workforce. Collaborations with related service agencies are continuously formulated, and VBDA will always refer veterans to the appropriate services for their benefit.


This program is a result of years of extensive surveying of veteran challenges and consultations with civilian employers, taking both the employee and employer perspectives into account. We have developed the VBDA with the authority and support of our community partners.



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We are a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit charity and exist solely on the generous support of individuals, corporations, foundations and fundraising efforts.