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Working in the civilian world takes more than job skills


Do you know how to navigate the unwritten rules in a  organization?

…how to speak in professional terms?
…how to explain your experience?


…Do you know who you are professionally?                      


Our Mission – Pass It On


We can give you the knowledge to succeed and show you how to put it to work.


At ACCCOLPH, we have assembled a team of professionals who will give you the knowledge you need to find the right place for you. The following list is just a sample of what you will learn…


  • How to know where you fit.
  • How to learn the unwritten “code of conduct” in any organization.
  • The secret “rules of engagement” that will help you overcome conflict.
  • How to find your purpose.
  • Understanding of matrix management and how it affects your future.
  • How to navigate the “inside” politics in any organization.


We know how it feels to be frustrated, bewildered, and alone


We have lived it – the hard way.


My name is Arthur “AJ” Bendolph. Let me tell you my story…


Before I left military service, I used all the transition resources the Air Force had to offer. I prepared for months for a new job as a teacher and coach.

It lasted a year…I just didn’t fit in.

…The next one lasted two weeks.

…the one after that lasted two weeks.

…The next one lasted longer…45 days.

I applied for a job as a trainer. I was sure my Master Trainer certification would give me an edge. They told me I was unqualified.

Desperate, I took a job I didn’t want and spent all my energy learning how to navigate the hidden rules of conduct, inside politics, and interpersonal skills I needed to succeed. Using what I learned, I was noticed by the right people, and before long I was the performance management/ organizational development manager. That job led to even greater things, I became  a  Director of Human Resources. Leading the organization culture and strategic planning.

I had a lot of help on the way. The best way I know how to repay that help is to pass it on.


You don’t have to put your life on hold.

This is not useless academics – it is life as lived by those who have real life experience.



Here’s what other veterans are saying…

Thank you for your leadership and sharing with us some of your knowledge and example of how to be more successful at the job. It’s helping me grow and work on changing those paradigms that have caused me to have some distorted attitudes that have limited my success in the world of business. Your impeccable dressing example was an affirmation and taught me how  to improve my dressing for success, communicating with co-workers and “higher ups” have always been a particular challenge for me. these classes brought that into focus for me to improve my ability to listen deeply and wait for the proper time for me to share my thoughts to others.

Keep up the good work.
Michael Faulk



MoniqueI have been highly impressed with Mr. Bendolph. He provides great discernment and knowledge on what challenges Veterans are facing in today’s world.  He gives a no nonsense approach that you truly won’t find anywhere else because he has walked the walked.  He challenges you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and open up your mind to new possibilities.  He gives you the tools necessary to be successful.  I have taken these tools and secured an internship with CSX, without his help and guidance I don’t believe I would’ve made it through the door.  You will be transformed through this academy. I am forever thankful and grateful to Mr. Bendolph for stepping out on faith and creating this AMAZING academy. 






00000004Mr. Arthur Bendolph (aka“AJ”), has shown great insight in understanding veteran needs in addressing blind spots that are stumbling blocks for retirees seeking employment through the coaching of Veteran’s Business Development Academy



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